Open Your Eyes, Your Ears Will Follow

Hip hop is continues to evolve among those who maintain the art form's original integrity. Here's a list of some who fly just under the radar.

J Read “Find Our Way” [VIDEO]

J Read releases his latest single and Video, "Find Our Way"

A Portrait of a Violinist

J Read releases a mini documentary on how he came about busking, and what it means to him.

A Look into HiCalLife Kwanzaa Fest

HiCalLife ends the year with a bang with one of their livest annual events. Take a look into 2016 Kwanzaa Fest.

Newark Open Doors Weekend Review

HiCalLife debuted their first signature event “The Living Room” during The Newark Arts City wide Open Doors Arts Festival.

J Read Warms Up w/ Musiq & Vivaldi at Newark for Bernie Event

Rapper/Singer/Violinist J Read warms up for his performance at the Newark for Bernie rally in Newark, NJ. Join us at the DNC July 25 in Philadelphia, PA.