Jump Fresh

J-ReadStarting next Wednesday, High Caliber will be sponsoring a radio show on Nonfiction Radio that you’ll be able to listen to DIRECTLY FROM THIS SITE!  You already know its going to be must listen, but just to intrigue you even more, let me break it down.  Chelle B (of thatsenuff.com), Matches Malone, and J-Read will be hosting the show every morning from 10-12pm, and just in case you miss that show, it will be running again, right here from 7:30-9:30pm.

Nothing is off limits.  Jump Fresh says what needs to be said, and plays the music that needs to be heard.  This isn’t your gossip update morning show.  We know not everyone cares about so and so’s relationship, or miscellaneous beef.  Jump Fresh Radio fills you in on the facts, major upcoming events, and brings the artists to the station so you always hear it straight from the horses mouth.  So Jump Fresh every Wednesday morning with the Jump Fresh Crew on Nonfiction Radio, the only dope internet radio station out there.



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