J Read’s 4-20 at EOW in NYC

I spent my 4-20 doing what I love to do best. Freestyling on a cloud. Stay tuned, more to come.

Bloomfield College Welcomes J Read with Open Arms

Another performance shut down y yours truly. Were just having fun with it (as you can see). MORE TO COME!

I’m Just Me (Trailer)

My latest teaser. More visuals on the way.

Smooth Like Dilla (Trailer)

Just a taste of whats to come in the very near future. Keep your eyes and your mind open.

Brick City Rap 2013 Cypher PT2

J-Read, Wavegod, Kamu, & Khalill come off the top for a cipher in the Bricks

Hip Hop Press Conference (freestyle)

J-Read checks in at New Jersey's Hip Hop Press Conference.