When Love’s Not Enough [VIDEO]

J Read releases his latest instrumental track with Jersey's own, E-Conomy.

HiCalLife Kwanzaa Fest 2017

HiCalLife celebrates their second annual Kwanzaa Fest at the HooFeRZCLuB in Newark, NJ.

Major Keys – Waste No Time [Audio]

J Read and Mike Mo form the super crew Major Keys to release their first single "Waste No Time"

Open Your Eyes, Your Ears Will Follow

Hip hop is continues to evolve among those who maintain the art form's original integrity. Here's a list of some who fly just under the radar.

J Read “Find Our Way” [VIDEO]

J Read releases his latest single and Video, "Find Our Way"

The WAR Report Radio Series EP 33 (Isaiah Little)

Catch Jarrett Adams latest episode from The War Report Radio Series as he interviews artist and entrepreneur Isaiah Little.