HiCalLife Kwanzaa Fest Recap

Here's how it all went down at HiCalLife Kwanzaa Fest 2017.

Color Me… Black

Tracey Sarpong tackles issues of the skin bleaching epidemic within our community.

HiCalLife Kwanzaa Fest 2017

HiCalLife celebrates their second annual Kwanzaa Fest at the HooFeRZCLuB in Newark, NJ.

Open Your Eyes, Your Ears Will Follow

Hip hop is continues to evolve among those who maintain the art form's original integrity. Here's a list of some who fly just under the radar.

A Look into HiCalLife Kwanzaa Fest

HiCalLife ends the year with a bang with one of their livest annual events. Take a look into 2016 Kwanzaa Fest.

Newark Open Doors Weekend Review

HiCalLife debuted their first signature event “The Living Room” during The Newark Arts City wide Open Doors Arts Festival.